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Mid-Year Modern Camper Gear Roundup

If you’re a modern camper, you obviously want to keep up with the times when it comes to must-have gear. Here are our top picks this far into 2017. Invest in eco-cookware Make the most of the modern camping movement by embracing sustainability. We love Kupilka eco-friendly dishware. Their durable cups, bowls, plates, and cutlery are crafted from their Kareline® natural fibre composite. It keeps your hot stuff steaming and your cool drinks cold without harming the environment. Stay toasty warm with a new blanket Any true camper has a few blankets packed away for chilly nights and crisp mornings. One of our favourites is sackcloth + ashes. For each blanket sold, they gift a blanket to your local homeless shelter. Plus, their Instagram is full of drool-worthy #vanlife photos. Take better pictures with smartphone camera accessories Upgrade your Insta-game with a smartphone tripod. Have you ever wondered how people get those shots from cool hands-free angles? You don’t need to empty your wallet on a drone. Instead, purchase a tripod with gripped octopus arms …

What Instagram Doesn’t Tell You About Living the #vanlife

While it’s easy to believe that the #vanlife movement is all sunshine, mountain views, and Insta-worthy pictures as proof, there is a not-so-sunny side to being a full-time nomad. Here are a few things to know before surrendering to the allure of the open road. 1. You will probably wait days (or a week) without bathing When all your belongings fit perfectly into a box on wheels, there usually isn’t room for an indoor shower. Most #vanlifers forgo this comfort of home because a shower and its water tank take up too much precious space. 2. Eating healthy is hard if you don’t plan ahead Sure, van lifers embrace freedom. But what if your fridge only fits one grocery bag of produce and you don’t know where you will sleep tomorrow? And no, Fruit Loops aren’t a food group. 3. Rainy days are a bit cramped Living in a van is all fun and games until it rains for a week and your spine forgets what it feels like to stand straight.  4. Prepare to step …

You’ll Drool Over This Mobile Office Van

Well hello there remote worker. Nice to see you again. As people who do a lot of remote working (ourselves at Modern Camper included), we thought you’d appreciate the slick styling and design of this camper van, er, we mean mobile office van done up by the folks over at Nissan UK and design studio Studio Hardie. Have you watched the video yet? If you’re like us you’re likely salivating over the espresso maching that retracts into the counter, mobile wifi hotspot, and those designer work chairs straight out of any modern furniture shop. Although the WORKSPACe hot desk auto hasn’t made it into production (yet), we think the ideas here are easily adaptable to the van you’re about to dream up. Now stop your drooling already and get back to work. Photos: