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Headed to Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2017?

Anyone interested in the camper life (and lives close to, or travelling near, the booming fashion and art-centric city of Düsseldorf) will no doubt be headed to Caravan Salon Düsseldorf this August 26-September 3. It is the worlds largest fair of it’s kind, after all. 600 exhibitors in 13 halls featuring some of the latest in camper designs, travel destinations and innovative accessories. Over 130 caravan brands with nearly 2,100 recreational vehicles will grace the market floor as camp enthusiasts cop peeks of perhaps their next big purchase or simply dream about camping in style and comfort in future years. We’re particularly excited to see the newest arrivals from all the top European caravan manufacturers. We’d mention a few but there are literally too many to list! A 1-day adult ticket including car parking and catalogue is € 30.00, ticket and venue information can be found at Of course while you’re in Düsseldorf we thought you’d want a short list of things to do. Our top picks include relaxing in Nordpark or any of the other …

Solo Stove Giveaway

We’re giving away this sweet Solo Stove for your camping and hiking adventures. At Modern Camper we totally dig smart, well designed camping gear and the Solo Stove is exactly that. The Solo Stove is super sleek and works like a convection fire pit. Best part is, you’ll be saving the planet and never need to buy fuel again (so smart). Ok enough about that, let’s get started with how to enter. To ENTER: 1. Follow us @ModernCamperMag and @SoloStove on Instagram 2. Like our contest post on Instagram 3. Tag a friend you love to camp with in the comments of the contest post Good luck!! Contest will run Thursday June 22 5am MT – Friday June 23 11am MT. Winner will be picked at random. Not affiliated or endorsed by Instagram.

Meet Sheena, Jason and Mavis the Airstream

After incessantly drooling over their 1975 remodelled Airstream, it was about time we struck up the courage to ask the owners of Mavis the Airstream for their story. If you can get past the amazing photos Sheena and Jason shared with us, be sure to read about their adventures remodelling their Airstream trailer, being full-time RVers, upcoming trips and where Jason would camp if he could camp anywhere in the world (it’s a gooder). Enjoy. 1. Tell us a little bit about your childhoods. Did you camp as kids? Where did you grow up? Do you think there’s a part of your childhood that lead to you eventually living in a trailer? We both grew up in north Georgia and loved having the mountains in our backyard. We took many hiking trips to the Appalachians but never did much camping. We never knew anyone with a travel trailer and had never even seen the inside of one until we bought our Airstream. I can’t say that any event in our childhood led us to living in …

You’ll Drool Over This Mobile Office Van

Well hello there remote worker. Nice to see you again. As people who do a lot of remote working (ourselves at Modern Camper included), we thought you’d appreciate the slick styling and design of this camper van, er, we mean mobile office van done up by the folks over at Nissan UK and design studio Studio Hardie. Have you watched the video yet? If you’re like us you’re likely salivating over the espresso maching that retracts into the counter, mobile wifi hotspot, and those designer work chairs straight out of any modern furniture shop. Although the WORKSPACe hot desk auto hasn’t made it into production (yet), we think the ideas here are easily adaptable to the van you’re about to dream up. Now stop your drooling already and get back to work. Photos:

Watch for the Wind in Iceland!

Apparently the wind can get a little crazy in Iceland. So crazy it just might blow your camper right off the road, into a rock-laden gully, and explode into a thousand pieces. Six people were in the wreck of which one went to hospital with serious injuries, according to Iceland Magazine. Weather has been wreaking havoc in the area of Vik, Iceland and that particular stretch of road is known for extreme wind and nasty weather. A good lesson for those renting RV/campers in foreign lands is to always keep watch for unfavourable weather and landscapes in which conditions could be worse than normal. Campers of all sizes are susceptible to capsizing. Best to use caution in all situations.  We also hope no food or booze was spoiled by the incident. Onward! Photo: Iceland Magazine.

Sheep’s Wool Insulation Newest Feature in Uber-Eco Camper

It wasn’t long ago when nomads were roaming North America with nothing but the skin they could catch on their back. Same with their huts. Mud, sticks and bushes seemed to do the job. Chuckwagons – the first form of caravan travel across the continents – were nothing but canvas. Today’s trailers and motorhomes typically boast synthetic insulation to keep the elements out. Not the case anymore for uber- eco trailer company – Homegrown Trailers. Synthetics are out. All natural is in. As in, all natural sheep’s wool. The company, based in Kirkland, Washington, U.S.A. (hello Pacific North West!), announced not too long ago it was taking the stride towards eco-friendly and sustainable RV manufacturing to the next level by partnering with Havelock Wool to insulate all of its trailers with sheep’s wool instead of foam board. The partnership comes after Homegrown Trailers outfitted some of its newest mobile units with the all-natural product and decided wool was a better solution than the polystyrene panels used in the company’s inaugural designs. “We wanted a product …

Apollo to Take Over CanaDream, Kratzmann

Big news out of Australia. In an effort to expand their North American footprint, Brisbane, Australia-based Apollo Tourism and Leisure is looking to complete a purchase of Canadian-based CanaDream Corp. and Australian-based Kratzmann Caravans for a reported $43 Million to be completed by July according to RV Pro Magazine. You might know Apollo as having the largest camper fleet for hire in Australia  – an ever popular travel tourism destination especially for campers, ‘overlanding’ and caravanning. Since it’s beginnings, Apollo has grown to become a huge multi-national and multi-vertical organization that includes manufacturing, rentals (with over 3,000 motorhomes), sales and distribution of RVs. Their brands include StarRV, Cheapa Campa and Hippie – many we’re sure the likes of you have probably slept in one time or another. CanaDream is one of the most well known RV rental outfits in Canada renting a variety of Class B, B+ and C motorhomes to the Canadian tourism and local camper market. Since 1987, Kratzmann Caravans has grown to become a regular name in the Queensland caravan retail arena. Of course we …