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#CampfireCooking to get the juices flowin’

campfire cooking inspiration

It’s easy to pack pre-made salads, sandwiches, and a handful of hot dogs when packing for a weekend outdoors, but campsite eats can be oh-so-delicious with a little imagination. We aren’t talking Pinterest-perfect five course meals, but some inspiration couldn’t hurt, right?

There’s no better place to find inspiration than on Instagram. Here’s how a few other modern campers refuel over the flames.


Pork roasted over the campfire tastes so much better than any way you try to cook it at home. These people are experts—this community account features photos from campers around the world


A drool-worthy side of sweet potato about to grill over an open fire. Sign me up! (And serve it next to the pork from the first photo)


Time for dessert! Does anyone want a handful of spicy campfire popcorn? And no—we don’t mean Jiffy Pop. Follow Fresh off the Grid for campfire recipes shared while living on the road.


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I’ll take my eggs over easy please. Matt Miller captures sunrise and sunset glows, campfire flames, and twinkle lights just right in his feed.


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A morning in the wild wouldn’t be complete without French press coffee made from water boiled over open flames. Plus, Chris Heary’s Australian feed follows his dreamy outdoor adventures.


Rotisserie drumsticks on a beach somewhere in Turkey. These are a few of our favourite things!


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Pro Tip: Campfire food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. This dietician wrapped piles of fresh veggies in tin foil to simmer in the coals. Trust the foodie.


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You can’t go wrong with steak and vegetable kababs after a long day of exploring! Healthy, hearty, and easily prepped before heading out into the wild.


A plain ol’ hot dog never looked this good. Who doesn’t love to indulge in campfire classics now and then?

What’s cooking at your campsite? Show us your best #campfirecooking. Snap a photo by the fire, and tag us on Instagram.

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