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Campfire Session (Podcast) with Pascal Pillon of Droplet Trailers

With trailer sales booming, it only makes sense to focus on the often ignored category of camper that doesn’t want to tow a bus with their slightly smaller bus. After a year of user testing, owners Diane Bissonnette and Pascal Pillon are ready to enter the production stage with their ultra-lite trailer. Born in the rugged wilds of Vancouver, British Columbia, the Droplet trailer is poised to make a grand entrance during the 2018 camping season.

Listen to the interview:

Weighing in at around 1000 lbs, the Droplet provides a towable place to sleep for owners of vehicles that are traditionally relegated to hauling tents. Their website lists an impressive list of unimpressive city cruisers that are annoying to take to Ikea let alone the great outdoors. Generally a space occupied by the likes of Ram, Silverado, and Sierra, when it comes to the Droplet you’re more likely to see names like Civic, Corolla, or Focus.

Given its Vancouver roots, the Droplet is refreshingly focused on remaining sustainable. They aim to minimize waste and use renewable materials. In an effort to keep manufacturing impact to a minimum, the company is not only open to users sharing the Droplet – they’re actively involved in curating a community of users with that intention. As if that’s not enough, the company is planning to dedicate 10% of their benefits to purchasing land in North America to be used as free campgrounds for self contained campers.

The Droplet is constructed around a queen sized mattress, so it won’t end up feeling much different than leaving home. As for windows – they’re everywhere. While offering tinting on the sides for a relative level of privacy, the Droplet lets in a lot more light than many alternatives. The skylight is a particularly nice touch, providing you the ability to keep an eye on the stars you sleep under. Cabinets around the exterior let you store your gear, and proper insulation should help you extend your season.

On the exterior you’ll find a cooking space with 2 propane burners to keep things hot, and a fridge to keep things cool. The rear also has more storage so you don’t have to sleep with your pots and pans, and when it comes time to clean it has a sink with a hand pump.


While there were test units in the wild throughout 2017, it’s still early days for the Droplet. Production is set to start in March and prospective owners are welcome to join their crowdfunding campaign. For more information, you can sign up for updates through their website.

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