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Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

VW rolls out plans for new electric microbus

Earlier this week we got word that VW is rolling out it’s new microbus – you remember those? And this time the version will be fully electric, drive itself and look amazingly modern. Labelled as the I.D. Buzz Concept, the new set of travelling wheels will be a long awaited addition to the campervan line up as many (as with us) thought the vanagon was long lost and perhaps even dead. Not so! The I.D. Buzz is slated to launch in the U.S. in 2022 (it’s not as far off as it sounds!) the VW campervan sports slick lighting, 22″wheels, auto-drive technology and an interior straight out of the Jetsons. Its 369 hp electric engine pumps power to all four wheels and will come in all-wheel drive. Better yet the batteries will have “quick-charge” capabilities gaining 80 percent power charge in just under 30 min. “It can seat eight people with ease, and hold up to 162.5 cubic feet of cargo when the seats are folded or removed – the space of a full-size SUV …

Tesla’s New Tiny House Coming to an Australian City Near You

We don’t normally cover the tiny house movement – there are plenty of amazing publications doing a great job already – however we couldn’t let this news pass us by. Tesla has recently shared news of their roving sustainable tiny house on wheels towed by the almighty Tesla Model X to share their sustainable energy products including the revolutionary Powerwall. Preliminary photos show the 4,400lbs trailer loaded with six solar panels, a Tesla Powerwall, as well as a “mobile design and demonstration studio” showcasing how the technology works. The well appointed and beautifully designed unit features locally sourced, chemical-free timber materials. We have yet to see the interior but can only imagine the futuristic yet homey set up. Knowing Australia’s sunny climate and love of camping and caravanning off-grid, the solar tour not only appeals to the Australian homeowner but also the camper who are no doubt awaiting better solar options to replace current clunky and high priced systems. The tour stops at various Australian locations and you can check out the next tour stop …

You’ll Drool Over This Mobile Office Van

Well hello there remote worker. Nice to see you again. As people who do a lot of remote working (ourselves at Modern Camper included), we thought you’d appreciate the slick styling and design of this camper van, er, we mean mobile office van done up by the folks over at Nissan UK and design studio Studio Hardie. Have you watched the video yet? If you’re like us you’re likely salivating over the espresso maching that retracts into the counter, mobile wifi hotspot, and those designer work chairs straight out of any modern furniture shop. Although the WORKSPACe hot desk auto hasn’t made it into production (yet), we think the ideas here are easily adaptable to the van you’re about to dream up. Now stop your drooling already and get back to work. Photos:

Sheep’s Wool Insulation Newest Feature in Uber-Eco Camper

It wasn’t long ago when nomads were roaming North America with nothing but the skin they could catch on their back. Same with their huts. Mud, sticks and bushes seemed to do the job. Chuckwagons – the first form of caravan travel across the continents – were nothing but canvas. Today’s trailers and motorhomes typically boast synthetic insulation to keep the elements out. Not the case anymore for uber- eco trailer company – Homegrown Trailers. Synthetics are out. All natural is in. As in, all natural sheep’s wool. The company, based in Kirkland, Washington, U.S.A. (hello Pacific North West!), announced not too long ago it was taking the stride towards eco-friendly and sustainable RV manufacturing to the next level by partnering with Havelock Wool to insulate all of its trailers with sheep’s wool instead of foam board. The partnership comes after Homegrown Trailers outfitted some of its newest mobile units with the all-natural product and decided wool was a better solution than the polystyrene panels used in the company’s inaugural designs. “We wanted a product …

Kelly Campers to Release New Model – the Beechworth

Australia’s Kelly Campers is about to release a new model called the Beechworth in the coming months. Coming on the heels of being named a finalist for 2017 Camper Trailer of the Year with their Glenrowan II model, we’re pretty excited to see what the new Beechworth is all about. A few notable features: Extended cabin Permanent two seater dinette Independent rolling lobe airbag suspension Onboard compressor and tire filling components Beautiful new Speedy Wheel mag Cute kangaroos not included If you were at the South Queensland Caravan, Camping, Boating and Fishing Expo you had the opportunity to check this beauty out. Looking forward to seeing this up close, that’s for sure.

The New Airstream Basecamp – Hello!

Recently, Airstream added a redesigned model to their lineup. Welcome The new Airstream Basecamp. Airstreams are iconic trailers. They always have been. Their streamlined aluminum exterior hasn’t changed in decades. Enthusiasts around the world covet Airstreams. They gut them, renovate and make them shine. Airstream’s original 2007 Basecamp was created in partnership with Nissan Design America. The new Basecamp brings new ideas, great innovations and a more functional design. Consequently this beauty will become the envy of any campsite and is ideal for taking off the beaten trail. This one has a bathroom! I repeat, it has a bathroom. It’s hard to believe within a 16’ 3” unit there’s room for one, but Airstream has accomplished that feat. Airstream has designed features that have double if not triple functionality to maximize the use of space and efficiency of the trailer. For example, a pass through from the bathroom to the exterior brings the shower head outside to wash off sand from your morning swim or clean that muddy bike from your afternoon ride. Get your solar panels ready. A solar pre-wring kit comes standard …

Mehrzeller Camper of the future

You Need to See These Modern Campers

We’ve tracked down some cool modern campers from around the world (so you don’t have to… you’re welcome). Have a look. Colim Concept Caravan Although still a concept, the Colim bridges nicely between car, motorhome and camper. Detach the front and you have a car to drive around. Additionally, one can customize the interior to include a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and seating area. Equally important is it sleeps four people comfortably. Colim is an acronym for ‘Colors Of Life In Motion’. All in all, this one would be pretty neat to see out on the open road. Sealander Welcome to the first ever amphibious caravan. For those who truly want to get away from it all. Pull it behind your vehicle, back it up down a boat ramp, unhook and away you go. Although it looks a bit odd, it’s a very cool idea. Mehrzeller The Mehrzeller takes customization to a whole new level. Working with architects, clients can customize the layout of their camper accordingly. With a hexagonal shape and bright, clean modern lines inside you’ll be the talk …