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Design chat with Living Vehicle Founder Matthew Hofmann

We have an awesome chat with Matt Hofmann, founder of Hofmann Architecture, a primarily Airstream remodelling and re construction company out of Santa Barbara California. We dig into Matt’s newest product which is called Living Vehicle – a one of a kind, fully sustainable, full-time living trailer that is really unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our talk takes us all over the place and you’re really going to enjoy hearing Matt’s story and his version of living well while on the road. Oh and we share a bit more about Living Vehicle on an earlier article you can find here. 

Interview with Try It Tiny Founder Maggie Daniels

The global phenomenon that is tiny houses has caught the business savvy interest of many a folk across North America. So much so Maggie Daniels quit her portfolio management job to work on a startup she hopes will capitalize on this multi-million dollar industry. Jump right into the interview: The Airbnb for tiny homes and property renting, Try it Tiny connects tiny home and vacant land owners with people looking to rent them out in the United States.What started out as needing a tiny house to tend to her seasonal livestock while she rented out her own property, turned into one of Daniel’s true passions and a flourishing business. “They tiny house movement has been a big thing for a while now, stating originally when settlers claimed land across the continent, living in nothing larger than 400 sq ft. and having the ability to move around whenever they please,” Maggie says. Going tiny happens for two reasons: 1) financial flexibility and 2) geographic mobility. While buying a tiny house achieves the need to have an …

Fireside Chat with Full-Time Adventurers Jen and Bryan, AKA The Dangerz

We found out about The Dangerz via Instagram and follow them religiously on their amazing adventures while they live and work from the road. This was recorded back in February 2017 so you’ll hear about some plans to ski and summer destinations but the life lessons and insights into living full time in a converted Sprinter van are some of the best we’ve heard. In this episode we talk about: Living full time in a Sprinter 4×4 van Travelling in Western Canada What “Quitting the world” means to these two Cooking in the van Their favourite place to call temporary home (spoiler alert – there’s more than one!) What they do for work on the road Figuring out a path in life, not having a plan, and loving every minute of it And what’s next on their epic adventure Here's the thing about vanlife- you take the good with the bad. . We've been so focused on soaking up friends and playing volleyball for the last week we haven't exactly paid attention to our solar/batteries… …

Interview with Mike McNaught of RVezy

In this episode of the Modern Camper Magazine Podcast we chat with RVezy co-founder Mike McNaught. RVezy is a peer-to-peer RV rental market place allowing Canadians to rent out their RV to others and were recently featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. They call themselves the Airbnb for RVs and we have a great conversation about the number of rental RVs in Canada, how Mike started the business, how people put their RV on the website and what they have in store for the future. I think you’re going to like this one. We get really deep in on the peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace and how this might affect how Canadians camp. Keep in mind this was recorded a year ago so it’s a bit dated. We hope you like it. Main image sourced from RVezy Facebook Page.