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Check out these campervan rental shops in New Zealand

Rent a campervan in New Zealand

New Zealand’s islands are easily anyone’s dream travel destination. Explore the glacial and volcanic landscape, watch the unique wildlife, and soak up the welcome charm on the city streets. We know it’s a backpacker’s paradise. But what about campers?

Maybe you are flying to New Zealand, but hoping to spend your time outside. To experience new nooks and crannies of the islands each day, and wake up in the wild each morning. Quite idyllic, actually. No? The solution: rent a campervan for your Kiwi road trip. Here are five campervan rental companies with pick-up depots in New Zealand’s major cities.

Escape Rentals

If you’re flying into Auckland or Christchurch, Escape Rentals is the local self-proclaimed providers of “cheap campervans for travellers.” They have over 200 campervans with funky designs, fully equipped for up to three adults. Just bring yourselves and drive off into the Kiwi countryside (in fun fashion). Both depot city areas have plenty of regional parks to choose from.

Kiwi Campers

Another Auckland and Christchurch rental pick-up option is Kiwi Campers. They provide travellers with a custom trip, whether that means offering the choice in styles of traditional motorhome rentals, or helping travellers plan their road trip route around the land down under. These guys even pick visitors up from the nearest airport, and allow one-way drop-offs.


Pick up a Britz in Auckland, Christchurch, or Queenstown. Explore the ancient forests and sandy beaches with a campervan chosen based on your road trip needs, like accounting for the length of the road trip you’re planning and where you want to camp. Britz campers range in size: fitted for couples to full families hoping to experience the great outdoors of the land of the Hobbits.


Maui Rentals services Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown. If you’re looking for an off-grid experience in New Zealand, Maui’s motorhomes are all self-contained systems to promote what they call “Freedom Camping.” There’s no need to plug in to any sort of grid for over three days. Not sure where to park it? Maui operates an app to direct campers to the best places to set up camp each night.

Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers covers all the major cities: Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, and Wellington. Their iconic two to three-sleeper campervans come painted with wicked designs, while the premium campers are more traditional. Wicked Campers gives its visitors the Kiwi backpacking experience without lugging around suitcases.

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