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Christmas Camper Accessory Wish List (Part 2) – Stocking Stuffers

With only a few days left before the holidays officially start. We’ve added the second part to our must have list of accessories for those camping enthusiasts on your list. Let’s be honest. Stocking stuffers are great ways to add that final touch for your loved ones and the ones that tend to be last minute. Here are a few that topped our list this year.

Parks Canada Original Collection

Parks Canada is celebrating it’s 150 anniversary in 2017. Visitors near and far will be able to gain access to all national parks for free next year. You can read all about that in one of our previous articles. In light of that, we had to include some Parks Canada Original Collection gear in our stocking stuffer ideas. We love the vintage look of these hats with the iconic Parks Canada logo. Shop all of the Parks Canada Original collection at

Aerobie AeroPress

The Aerobie AeroPress is a lightweight, compact coffee maker ideal for on the road in your camper. No cords or power required. Brews deliciously rich coffee in minutes. Since the AeroPress came on the market it has become the beloved coffee maker for enthusiasts around the world. And a perfect idea for the coffee lover on your list.

Goal Zero’s Nomad 7 Plus solar panel

Being on the road makes charging cell phones, tablets, GPS and other types of small electronics difficult. Know someone whose cell phone never has enough juice? Goal Zero’s Nomad 7 Plus solar panel might be the best answer for them. It integrates a detachable kickstand for optimum angle and has an easy to read LED indicator lets you know the strength of the solar conditions. A weatherproof layer means no amount of rain or snow will affect its ability to charge as long as there’s sun.

Life Straw

Access to clean, uncontaminated water is harder then one would think when you’re in the middle of nowhere. A Life Straw takes all uncertainty of whether a stream is safe to drink from. It removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria. A replaceable activated carbon capsule reduces bad taste, chlorine and organic chemical matter for up to 100 liters (26 gallons). Life Straw also has a water bottle outfitted with the same technology.

Jet Boil Flash Cooking System

The Jet Boil flash cooking system lights with the push of a button. Two minutes later you have 2 cups of boiling water. Perfect for that cup of coffee, cocoa, soup or pasta. Perfect for those mornings when you need hot water for coffee. And you need it fast.

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