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Hit the Road this Summer with Wheel Estate

Peer to peer RV sharing for the Modern Camper (Paid Feature)

Wheel Estate is an online peer to peer RV sharing marketplace. It brings modern campers together and offers renters the experience of exploring Canada’s backyard—with plans to expand.

The best part? Wheel Estate covers all the nitty gritty like insurance, and there are no fees to list your trailer. Renters road trip worry-free, and owners earn money by keeping their RVs on the road!

New, available, and ready to roll

Wheel Estate was a long time coming, but it’s been more than worth the wait.

Chad and Cherie Ball first thought of Wheel Estate in 2010. At the time, Chad owned a construction company, and Cherie worked in oil and gas. Their family felt the downturn most Albertans experienced. “We wanted to get away for the weekend to hit the reset button,” Chad said. The family thought they would rent an RV to get out of the city. The problem? “We realized that we could go to Mexico for the cost to rent an RV.”

They borrowed a friend’s trailer, which led to an idea. “Along the way out of the city we noticed storage yard after storage yard filled with trailers,” said Chad. “Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a website to connect people looking for an affordable getaway to people with assets collecting dust?”

After years of discussions with insurance companies, Wheel Estate went live on January 1, 2017.

“Before we launched we said we would be so happy if even just one person used the site,” said Cherie. Now, everyone is using Wheel Estate. Young families who don’t have an RV of their own and want to spend some time in the great outdoors. International travellers visiting Canada and hoping to experience our country a little off the beaten path. Some are renting trailers for family reunions, weddings and honeymoons, or just a quick weekend away. “There are so many new campers on the site!” Cherie said.

Community on the road

Chad and Cherie know their earliest renters by name. For example, Tim was one of the first people to sign up—he claims it was their enthusiasm that sold him. Tim now rents a couple of trailers on the website and has guests customers returning for their summer adventures in his RVs. Another “rentrepreneur” has four trailers on Wheel Estate, which proves Chad and Cherie’s other mission is coming true: giving people an opportunity to make money.

What makes Wheel Estate extra special, though, is the community. “Everyone is in it for each other, Chad said. “For us, it’s about the people and the meaningful experiences they have.” They are proud of the long-term relationships built through the platform between owners and campers, as well as owners attracting more available RVs to the marketplace.

Cherie said, “It’s cool to be a part of that. It’s not about Wheel Estate. It’s about everyone in our community making these connections and memories.”

“It’s not about us, but at one point it was about us,” Chad added. “It was about solving our problem that day we needed to get out of town.” Wheel Estate solves the same problem for their users.

Wheel Estate around the world

Thousands of happy campers later, Chad and Cherie Ball are looking to the future for Wheel Estate. It made sense to start in Alberta, Canada, where the couple is from. However, they are currently expanding to the rest of the country. They are also hoping to expand to the USA next, although Wheel Estate campers are already allowed to cross the border with permission from owners renters.

“There is some exciting stuff coming to Wheel Estate in the near future,” Chad said. “We aren’t just going to stop at Canada and the US—we are working on this world domination thing.”

Regardless of how or where Wheel Estate expands to, they plan to stick to their core values. “Always stay humble,” Cherie said. “And the most important is to always stay human.” Providing a valuable experience combined with and trustworthy and outstanding customer support will always be their top priority. “We don’t have to be the biggest, but we have to be the best,” Chad added.

Stay tuned for Wheel Estate’s big announcements!

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