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Hütte Hut: Is it art or is it a trailer?

Lately the modern camping world has been working hard to spruce up their new models. Fibreglass siding seems to be a thing of the past, with beautiful woods taking its place (ahem… Homegrown Trailers). We know, seems odd doesn’t it with the weight of wood and all. You’d think more aluminum campers would be gracing the world’s stage. Nope. Not in this lifetime.

Sprouting Sprocket Studio designed Hütte Hut™ from a background in industrial design, and incorporating a holistic approach to mobile living. Their craftsmanship resulted in a lightweight yet durable travel trailer that looks like art and lives like a mobile retreat.

A design that brings campers closer to nature

The classic teardrop that looks more like a dome design is different at first glance, but makes sense once inside. It’s cavernous interior would make anyone feel right at home. One of the most notable features of Hütte Hut™ is its double doors and large windows. We like to camp to be outside, right? The airy design of Hütte Hut™ makes that even more of a reality.

This compact trailer clocks in at only 180 inches in length, with the double doors opening to an open-concept interior. You will find ample storage and a flexible bed that converts from day to night. Did we mention how lightweight Hütte Hut™ is? It’s dry weight is only 860 lbs, so it can be towed by most cars. No need to upgrade your fleet if this is your first camper.

All the bells and whistles

Hütte Hut™ is highly customizable. Options include a waterproof canvas canopy, exterior cooking space, a battery system, or a fridge. Extra storage is also available for campers who don’t want to pack light.

The only clear downside to these travel trailers is the price tag: Hütte Hut™ models begin at $63, 900 USD. Can you imagine what a fully loaded version will cost?

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