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Illustrated film about childhood campervan will make you smile

When I first discovered Tim Wheatley, via Twitter I believe while perusing the deluge that is #Vanlife, I was immediately drawn to the little video in his Tweet.

Tim, if you don’t know yet, is an illustrator by trade and past #Vanlife participant by way of family life. Of course, isn’t that how it all begins? Parents drag kids out of the house during the height of summer and childhood splendour, kicking and screaming and yelling that our parents “just don’t understand!” We’d much rather stay home and hang out with our friends. All. Summer. Long.

Tim’s narrative is taking us back to his childhood (our childhood too, really). And it’s looking fantastic. Most situations he’s teased us with to date are spot on: A cupboard crammed with food; family members piling into the van; rolling through the hills en route to a campsite.

We got to chat with Tim about about his project. This was the conversation:

Modern Camper: Who are you and what do you do?

Tim: My names Tim Wheatley, i’m a London based animator, I usually work on children’s TV shows like ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Poppy Cat’ but i’m currently taking a break to make a short film.

M: What is the project you’re working on?

T: I’m making a short 3 part animated film about the VW campervan we had as kids. Each of the 3 films will be made in a different style and will tell a different memory or story about our bus.

M: Why are you doing it?

T: When I was 9, my Mum and Dad bought a VW devon conversion. We had it for about 7 years and in that time we had great summer holidays camping and driving around. I wanted to make a film to record my memories of those trips.

M: How are you making it?

T: Each film is a different style, one will be a mixture of stop motion, 3d paper models with 2d computer animation. The 2nd will be made of a mixture of photos I have of our van and new photos I have taken of
VWs around London. And the 3rd will be a traditional pencil on paper animation.

M: When is it scheduled to be completed? Anything else you want to tell us … are you self funding the project, do you camp, have a camper?

T: The project is self funded, i’m hoping to have the first part completed and released by min November this year, and the following two parts finished by spring 2018. Sadly we no longer have a Van, but I’m  thinking of getting one in time for the summer.

We look forward to seeing the finished product, Tim. In the mean time if you’d like to follow Tim’s illustrated adventures and the making of his film, follow along at Tim’s website timmwheatley.co.ukTwitter and Instagram.

(Adult) Tim out on an adventure.

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