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Living Vehicle offers off-the-grid, stylish living

This small California-based company is excited to share their sustainable vision with modern campers.

Matthew Hofmann of Hofmann Architecture has a passion for sustainability and a vision of the future. To Hoffman, sustainability more than recycling. Instead, “it’s the idea of life enduring.”

His experience designing mobile spaces has led to Hofmann’s most recent achievement: Living Vehicle. Living Vehicle is designed to sustain life. It was designed to last a lifetime and to minimize its dwellers’ carbon footprint.

At the same time, Hoffman values the comforts of home, so each unit is crafted to order, following your specific customizations. Choose the colour of your vinyl flooring, wall and cabinet colour, configuration, and more. Units also come equipped with Wi-Fi antennas, plenty of storage, and handy accessories like a concealed ceiling sleeper and outdoor shower head.

Off-the-grid living

Living Vehicle does not rely on outer energy. Its solar-powered electricity can support a couple living self-contained for about 1 month in temperate climates, longer if they live in moderation. However, it is also equipped to sustain harsh heat and below freezing cold—just not for extended periods off-the-grid. “It allows people who engage with the space have their needs met continuously,” Hofmann says. Enjoy water, heat, and air conditioning, while spending time in the wild.

The large freshwater tank, 600W solar system, battery bank, and propane tanks offer minimalistic off-the-grid living without sacrificing the basics that so many people want these days.

Actually getting off the grid is easy with Living Vehicle’s underbelly clearance and 100% aluminum frame.


Thinking to the future

Moving forward with Living Vehicle, Hofmann is looking at ways to create an entirely self-sustained ecosystem around the vehicle. “Our goal is to create something that is self-sufficient and endures perpetually. That’s sustainability,” he says.

It might sound too Sci-Fi right now, but with the way technology is advancing, Hofmann believes true sustainability is entirely possible. He wants to integrate technology with purpose to support without overwhelming. He wants to create a system that produces its own freshwater, creates its own fuel. Entirely off-the-grid, mobile, minimal, yet craftsman quality.

How to get your own Living Vehicle

Place your order with a refundable $5000, which is subtracted from the total $129,995 USD fully-equipped unit costs.

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