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Luxury sustainability made to order

People asked, and Homegrown delivered. Homegrown Trailers recently released their Timberline model trailer. Timberline was built for long-haul RVers looking for extra comfort, or property owners who want to offer their guests a luxury camping experience without the hassle of installing lodges. This mobile alternative offers the comforts of home in a streamlined mobile space. We can see your jaw dropping and not surprised.

Timberline sustainable specs

Most modern campers are looking for minimalistic, green alternatives for their traditional travel trailer. Homegrown Trailers builds homes that align with the tiny house movement, built with the hands of artisans and on wheels. They are flexible, lightweight, and sustainable.

Carefully crafted from beautiful, sustainably-source wood, Timberline’s aesthetic is a step above the typical travel trailer. What isn’t constructed by artisans from wood is made from other non-toxic and renewable materials. Even the construction process is low-waste, further showcasing Homegrown’s deeply rooted sustainability values.

In the 23-foot space, they include a shower, basic kitchen appliances and sleeping space for 3 to 5 people depending on the layout. The teardrop shape expands with hard siding to allow for full standing room inside. The module living space shifts flexibly from seating to sleeping. What it lacks in more elegant finishes (you won’t find Corian countertops, window shades or 40″ flat screens) it makes up for in simple and smart use of space, that’s for sure.

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Solar panels and lithium-ion batteries allow for off-grid green living, at the same time as plugging into electricity when necessary.

The price of travelling green

Timberline’s are available to order with a $5000 deposit. Each unit is customizable to fit the customer’s needs. Units can be picked up in Kirkland, Washington, or delivered for an extra fee.

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