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Modern Camper Magazine was born out of the desire to explore campers, destinations and camping culture in a refreshing space. Capturing and sharing inspiring stories from around the world, our correspondents keep a keen eye on this breathtaking lifestyle full of rich stories and exciting trends. We understand there’s more to life than work and paying the bills. It’s getting out there, exploring and bringing to life these beautiful stories.

Who are we anyway?

Modern Camper was started in 2016 by three keen campers. Modern Camper is the original idea of David Wald, a guy who practically grew up camping every other weekend and ended up in the camping industry working with RVing and camping organizations all over Canada. Meagan Shultz was naturally pulled into the fold as David’s wife and flourishes as Editor and Project Manager, keeping things on the rails.

Modern Camper originated in Calgary, Canada, and operates globally with a growing network of campers and outdoor enthusiasts including travellers, journalists, designers, photographers and adventurers.

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