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Mid-Year Modern Camper Gear Roundup

If you’re a modern camper, you obviously want to keep up with the times when it comes to must-have gear. Here are our top picks this far into 2017.

Invest in eco-cookware

Make the most of the modern camping movement by embracing sustainability. We love Kupilka eco-friendly dishware. Their durable cups, bowls, plates, and cutlery are crafted from their Kareline® natural fibre composite. It keeps your hot stuff steaming and your cool drinks cold without harming the environment.

Source: Kupilka

Stay toasty warm with a new blanket

Any true camper has a few blankets packed away for chilly nights and crisp mornings. One of our favourites is sackcloth + ashes. For each blanket sold, they gift a blanket to your local homeless shelter. Plus, their Instagram is full of drool-worthy #vanlife photos.

Source: Sackcloth and Ashes

Take better pictures with smartphone camera accessories

Upgrade your Insta-game with a smartphone tripod. Have you ever wondered how people get those shots from cool hands-free angles? You don’t need to empty your wallet on a drone. Instead, purchase a tripod with gripped octopus arms that bend and wrap to get the perfect angle. Add a remote to the mix and watch the likes flood in.

Dress the occasion

We love Vanlife Clothing. Their graphic tees are comfortable, cute, and 100 percent cotton—perfect for camping.


Light up the night

A good headlamp can be a saviour on a hike that drags into the evening. Check out Fenix Lighting for LED headlamps, rechargeable flashlights, and camping lanterns.


Portable showers

Not all modern campers have the luxury (or space) for a full shower in their camper or trailer. For those times that you’re stuck without park facilities, rinse off with a portable shower. Nemo Equipment’s HelioTM pressure shower sits on the ground, yet still applies more pressure than typical gravity showers.


Preserve your produce

It’s all fun and games until your groceries spoil over a long weekend. The YETI Tundra 350 from REI co-op keeps your food cold for three days—plus, they have a few more options.

Source: Yeti

Find safe drinking water in the wilderness

If you are the type of weekend warrior who spends most of their time exploring new trails, a personal water filter should be the top must-have gadget on your list. Anything by LifeStraw is tested and proven to remove bacteria and viruses from any water source, making it safe for you to hydrate on the go.

Source: Lifestraw Facebook Page

Now who’s up for a quick shop?

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