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The New Airstream Basecamp – Hello!

Recently, Airstream added a redesigned model to their lineup. Welcome The new Airstream Basecamp.

Airstreams are iconic trailers. They always have been. Their streamlined aluminum exterior hasn’t changed in decades. Enthusiasts around the world covet Airstreams. They gut them, renovate and make them shine.

The-new-Basecamp-Airstream Exterior

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Airstream’s original 2007 Basecamp was created in partnership with Nissan Design America. The new Basecamp brings new ideas, great innovations and a more functional design. Consequently this beauty will become the envy of any campsite and is ideal for taking off the beaten trail.

This one has a bathroom! I repeat, it has a bathroom. It’s hard to believe within a 16’ 3” unit there’s room for one, but Airstream has accomplished that feat.

The-new-Basecamp-airstream floorplan

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Airstream has designed features that have double if not triple functionality to maximize the use of space and efficiency of the trailer. For example, a pass through from the bathroom to the exterior brings the shower head outside to wash off sand from your morning swim or clean that muddy bike from your afternoon ride.

Get your solar panels ready. A solar pre-wring kit comes standard in the Basecamp ready for your renewable energy source inputs. 

Similar to the 2007, the new Airstream Basecamp has wrap around windows at the front of the unit where the galley kitchen is located which brings the outside in and floods the interior with natural light. Since being outdoors is why you’re there in the first place, you can enjoy the scenery while lying in bed or cooking up your favourite meal.

The kitchen, although small, once again features all those amenities you love to have at home. Not only a sink, stove and fridge but a microwave is also available. All in all with Airstream’s ability to maximize the use of storage and prep space.

The-new-basecamp-airstream interior kitchen

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Basecamp’s 26″x 46″ rear hatch lets you load and unload your gear through the back of the trailer, so load up your bikes, your surf board, kayak or canoe. Another advantage to the redesigned model is the rear hatch is no longer the main access to the trailer. There’s a door on the side of the unit so once your table is set, or your bed is down you can still head out to the campfire or, with seating for up to 5, invite your friends in for a glass of wine.

The-new-basecamp-airstream exterior

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The new Airstream Basecamp’s compact size and aerodynamic design makes driving and towing (and let’s be honest, backing up) much easier. Furthermore, it is towable with a lot of mid-sized SUVs. It also boasts large wheels so cold weather and getting to that perfect secluded spot won’t hold it back.


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The list goes on and on. A lot of thought and design into the new Airstream Basecamp model. Once again, they have incorporated some awesome storage and space saving ideas into a very small area to help you get out there and enjoy getting back to nature.

Want to include one of these beauties in your family. Here are all the details and what you need to know.

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