Modern Camper Magazine Podcast

The world of campers, camping and breathtaking destinations is a big one and we hope to bring it to you in audio format with our regular podcast schedule. Our Editor in Chief David Wald, along with various podcast guests and contributors share stories that take listeners on a journey into the world of modern campers and beyond. We hope you enjoy the show.

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Episode 5 – Interview with Living Vehicle Founder Matthew Hofmann

We have an awesome chat with Matt Hofmann, founder of Hofmann Architecture, a primarily Airstream remodelling and re construction company out of Santa Barbara California. We dig into Matt’s newest product which is called Living Vehicle – a one of a kind, fully sustainable, full-time living trailer that is really unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Episode 4 – Interview with Try it Tiny Founder Maggie Daniels

In this podcast we explore how and why Daniels started Try it Tiny, the tiny house movement, and keys to being a good host and good guests. She reveals some of her favourite homes so far and the new “dream it tiny” design resource, which is now live on the website. We can certainly see this taking off in the near future. Keep in mind this was recorded about 6 months ago and some some of the events Daniels mentions have already happened. Enjoy!

Episode 3 – Fireside chat with Full time #Vanlifer’s The Dangerz

We discuss full time RVing and adventuring with Jen and Bryan Danger – aka The Dangerz – plus get into deep discussion about “Quitting the world” cooking on the road and their favourite spots so far.

Episode 2 – Interview with Michael from RVezy peer-to-peer RV rental platform

We chat with RVezy Co-Founder Mike McNaught on starting his Canadian Peer-to-Peer RV rental company and how it all works.

Episode 1 – 2016 RVIA National Expo Observations

We visit the RVIA National RV Show in Louisville, Kentucky to see what’s new and exciting and share our observations about what we saw and where we think the industry is headed in 2017.

Episode 0 – Welcome to the Modern Camper Podcast

This is us introducing our new podcast!