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Preview – 2018 Japan Camping Car Show

Another year brings yet another edition of the coveted and highly anticipated Japan Camping Car Show in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo, Japan to the delight of many camping enthusiast and adventurer in the area. Riddled with beautiful campers large, small and tiny, the show is a fantastic barometer and testing ground for the health of the industry in Japan, as well as where trends and tastes are sitting in the populous camper culture.

At Modern Camper, we are eager to see what comes out of this year’s show and have had a moment to sit down with one of the show coordinators – Bartek Radzimski – about what people can expect as well as a few tips for getting the most out of a visit to one of the busiest and highly attended camping shows in the world.

Modern Camper: When and where is the show? What is admission cost?

Bartek Radzimski: The show runs Feb 2nd – 4th, 2018 and is open 10:00 ~ 17:00 all days.

Pre-Registration fees to attend the show are JPY800 for regular admission and JPY500 for elementary, middle, and high school students.

On-site fees are a little bit more so we encourage people to pre-register for the best price. On-site fees are JPY1,000 for regular adult admission and JPY600 for elementary, middle, and high school students.

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MC: Are you excited about this years Camping Car Show? Why?

BR: The market is quite healthy and orders + confidence is quite high among the builders/manufactures.  In general the positive trend will continue through at least the Olympics in 2020 due to this being a stimulus for the economy and also due to the growing number of retired persons in Japan.

MC: What should people expect at this years show that might be different than previous years?

BR: The trend will continue into high demand of vans (Toyota Hi-Ace / Nissan NV-350) however, there is also a healthy market for cab conversions.

MC: Who are expected to make big announcements at this show? Can you name a few manufacturers that we should keep an eye on?

BR: These are usually tightly kept secrets, so at the earliest I can tell you something after the show.

MC: What sort of trends will we see? Electric RVs? Better use of small spaces? Automation?

BR: Japan RVs are benchmarked and well known for “use of small spaces” therefore there will surely be innovations in that area. In terms of Electric or Automation, this is still not a trend in this niche and small market.

MC: What suggestions or recommendations do you give people who are visiting the show so that can maximize their experience?

BR: Allow at least ½ – 1 day for walking around on the show; come on Friday to avoid the crowds.  Get in the cars; but don’t forget to take off your shoes… after all it is Japan.  Also there is a forecast of snow for Thursday and Friday for Tokyo, so wear warm clothes and it is better to avoid coming by car as traffic will be crazy if snow actually falls.

Images courtesy of JRVA

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