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Homegrown Trailer

Homegrown Trailer a Treasure Box of Comfort and Sustainability

As the kids play “store” out of the cottage looking “farmer’s” half-swing door I can’t help but smile at their playfulness and imagination. “Just be sure you don’t touch any of the buttons!” I remind them from beside our smouldering fire pit (the firewood was wet – of course). If they touch the wrong button there’s a good chance the trailer batteries would stop charging or worse, the power be drained altogether. Our Homegrown Trailer sits cozily under a tall, gangly pacific northwest spruce tree in Ocean City State Park, Washington – about 2.5 hours southwest of Seattle. You can hear the faint roar of the surf not half a mile from our campsite – number 174 in Loop 4. We’ve been given the Homegrown for a few days mid-August. The model’s name is Woodland (although the kids and us ended up naming it “Willow” for its abundant use of wood and, well, just because) the little guy is a 19’ travel trailer made by a bunch of cool cats out of Kirkland, Washington. It’s …