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Solo Stove a furry in a can

There are a few things for sure about camping. You’re going to need to cook something, heat water or roast a marshmallow. It comes with the territory. That’s why when we took a look at the Solo Stove we were immediately intrigued by what it could do. Out of the box came a sleek looking metal canister reminiscent of something you’d find on the international space station. Immediately apparent is the care and attention Solo Stove puts into their packaging. Neat, tidy and well thought out. The canister and components, of which there are few, unpack and slide together to form a cooking vessel ready for action. While our campfire popped and smoked with wet wood, we meticulously layered the smallest dry kindling and a small crumpled up piece of paper into the stove. It lit, fired and burned out. More dry wood and it was back with a furry. No joke. A furry! Never have we seen such a furry of a fire, the colour a deep brown red, swirling in the stove like …

Solo Stove Giveaway

We’re giving away this sweet Solo Stove for your camping and hiking adventures. At Modern Camper we totally dig smart, well designed camping gear and the Solo Stove is exactly that. The Solo Stove is super sleek and works like a convection fire pit. Best part is, you’ll be saving the planet and never need to buy fuel again (so smart). Ok enough about that, let’s get started with how to enter. To ENTER: 1. Follow us @ModernCamperMag and @SoloStove on Instagram 2. Like our contest post on Instagram 3. Tag a friend you love to camp with in the comments of the contest post Good luck!! Contest will run Thursday June 22 5am MT – Friday June 23 11am MT. Winner will be picked at random. Not affiliated or endorsed by Instagram.