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Tesla’s New Tiny House Coming to an Australian City Near You

We don’t normally cover the tiny house movement – there are plenty of amazing publications doing a great job already – however we couldn’t let this news pass us by. Tesla has recently shared news of their roving sustainable tiny house on wheels towed by the almighty Tesla Model X to share their sustainable energy products including the revolutionary Powerwall.

Photo: Electrek/Tesla

Preliminary photos show the 4,400lbs trailer loaded with six solar panels, a Tesla Powerwall, as well as a “mobile design and demonstration studio” showcasing how the technology works. The well appointed and beautifully designed unit features locally sourced, chemical-free timber materials. We have yet to see the interior but can only imagine the futuristic yet homey set up.

Knowing Australia’s sunny climate and love of camping and caravanning off-grid, the solar tour not only appeals to the Australian homeowner but also the camper who are no doubt awaiting better solar options to replace current clunky and high priced systems.

Photo: Electrek/Tesla

The tour stops at various Australian locations and you can check out the next tour stop via the Tesla website.

Source: Electrek

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