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A Few Top Camper Locations in the World

We’ve put together a list of the top camper locations in the world. This may give you a nudge to plan that next holiday, maybe something gets added to a bucket list or simply daydream. On the whole, we hope you enjoy our choices.

Hokkaido, JapanHokkaido Japan Camping Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

Far from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the island of Hokkaido has become the undisputed camper van destination in Japan. Hokkaido boasts plenty of volcanoes, hot springs, ski hills, numerous “auto-camping” sites, hiking, biking trails, fishing and rafting. Altogether it’s no wonder Hokkaido is Japan’s wild frontier.

New Zealandnew zealand camping coastline Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

New Zealand has a wide variety of outdoor adventures awaiting. Moreover, camping is an excellent way to visit the country. The flexibility of your home being on wheels allows you to stop and take in whatever the day has to offer. From tall craggy mountains to vast sandy beaches, in essence, New Zealand is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground.

IcelandIceland road camping Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

The land of fire and ice doesn’t always come to mind as a “must do” travel location. If you haven’t been let in on the secret yet, Iceland is a place you will travel and love every minute. Campsites around the island together with the vast landscapes Iceland has to offer will make it a trip you won’t soon forget. For the most, don’t worry, it’s not that cold in Iceland. It’s temperature is moderated by the ocean but make sure you prepare for the wind.

Sardinia, Italysardinia italy beach camping Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

Off the western coast of Italy, Sardinia is an idyllic island with numerous campsites. Campgrounds have a wide variety of amenities.  From wifi, to swimming pools altogether it will feel like you are at a seaside resort. Coupled with the picturesque landscapes, charming cities and towns, magazine worthy beaches and amazing food, camping around Sardinia has the recipe for a memorable holiday.

PatagoniaPatagonia off-road camping Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

Patagonia is a distinct geographical region shared by Argentina and Chile. About 25% of the area is accessible by unpaved roads taking the adventure up a notch. However, the rugged landscape, expanse of glaciers mixed with green alpine meadows and wild flowers make the bumpy ride well worth it.    

Joshua Tree National Park, USAjoshua-tree-national-park camping Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

The landscape here caused by torrential rain and gale force winds is like no other. There are limited campsites in Joshua Tree and most are first come/first serve so show up during the week for a spot. Beware, some sites have restrictions to the size of camper you can bring. Make sure you double check before you leave.

Moroccomorocco camping road Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

The warm climate of Morocco makes it a great place to camp. However, aim to go between October and June if you don’t want to bake in your camper. Campsites outside of cities are popular, well-equipped and camper friendly. Although, if you’ve never camped in Morocco before, contact a local guide shop as they will be able to provide you with great advice and pointers before heading out.   

Jasper National Park, CanadaJasper Canada road camping mountains Top-Camper-Locations-in-the-World

Jasper National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. It is an expanse of 13,000 square kilometres of unadulterated wilderness. Jasper is known for bright blue skies, spectacular mountains, scenic vistas and crystal clean lakes. Additionally, it is home to a unique variety of wildlife that notoriously walk through townsites and campsites. The campgrounds are waiting for you to set up camp and enjoy the natural beauty Jasper has to offer.

Cala Llevadó, Spain

Camping in Cala Llevadó is for the adventurous. Only 25% of the spots are suitable for campers due to the mountainous pitch. Book early, make sure you have a smaller unit for maneuverability sake and in addition you’ll need a LONG extension cord for electricity. However, the views are spectacular and will be well worth the adventure.

Lesotho, Southern Africa

The mountainous kingdom of Lesotho offers some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in Southern Africa. Make sure you have permission from the local chief before you go. You’ll need a 4×4 vehicle to get around but can camp pretty much anywhere. There are no fences so wildlife can roam freely.

Think we missed a top camper location in the world? Is there a place that should be included? Let us know.  

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